This is Luna. Today she is feeling very sad, because they opened a new dog beach in her hometown but she is not welcome there. Why? Because she is “dangerous” and “aggressive”, she’s a “fight dog”. Her only crime was to be born as a Staffordshire bull terrier - a breed that is extremely sweet, loving and gentle, but has been mistreated by people and has been trained for dog fights. Luna has never fought with anyone, with no dogs, no humans, no cats. But now she is fighting against breed specific legislation. Enough of this discrimination, which is actually no different from racial discrimination and prejudice. Could you imagine a beach that says “no black people” or “no people with big muscles”? Ridiculous, right? So why isn’t it ridiculous to have dog beaches that say “no staffies, no pitbulls”?In July Luna will start her trip across Europe, educating people about the “dangerous” breeds, and showing that society and lawmakers are often blaming the wrong end of the leash. We are also going to make a documentary about the trip, and hopefully this will show many people the true nature of staffies.
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And please help us spread the word! Staffies and pitbulls and other “dangerous” bullies deserve so much better than what society gives them now!

Amanda in the woods.
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Anyone know of anything in the south jersey philly area happening for this?